Apple Watch II- what next!!

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Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, iOS, OS X. Apple watch is just another part of that innovation. When Apple jumped into the wearable world with Apple watch I, it stirred the pot for the other rival companies. Apple changed not only our conception towards the watches, but also the traditional watches and a wide range of smartphones from Pebble, Fitbit & many watches which are running on Android.


Apple Watch I – arrived one year ago, but it feels like it’s been here for ages, & now the Apple Watch II is quite making the buzz. We’ve spent decent time with Apple I & we know there’s a room for improvement on its first wearable.

So here a list of things that possibly we can see on Apple Watch II.

New processor

There are a lot of praise & appreciation that Apple has created one of the personal products with Apple Watch I. Now, there is a lot of buzzing over the web that Apple Watch 2 is different from its predecessor. Recently, chip ARM has publicized their newest & tiniest processor: the Cortex-A32.


This processor is based on the ARMv8-A architecture. It is a 32-bit processor that offers faster & improved performance & It also consumes 25 percent less power & energy compared to its predecessors. Rumors are suggesting that Apple will be adopting this processor for Apple Watch II.

Battery Life


The biggest downside about the Apple Watch-I was its battery, it won’t last a day & in some cases, it didn’t able to past 6hrs. However, Apple has apparently deemed the Apple Watch-I battery life is sufficient. So, rumors are suggesting that instead of drastically improving battery life, Apple will add some features that will help the battery to survive a day. This is the approach they took with iPads.


As the rumors circulating around the web over design, Apple will add the new design to Apple Watch II & materials which would be added to the watch are titanium, tungsten, palladium & platinum.


These would sit on the most expensive stainless steel watch.


People were very disappointed when the Apple Watch unveiled with a rectangular display. People had fallen love the LG G Watch R, & Motorola Moto 360 which are round in shape. In fact, Samsung is also expected to launch circular Smartwatch very soon.

Apple Watch II circular shape seem unlikely not possible at this moment. Rumors are also suggesting that there won’t be any changes in screen size, shape or resolution.


The apps which provided by the Apple Watch-I was very slow & buggy. Apple Watch is so focused on quick in-&-out interaction, so snappier apps really improve the user experience. Rumors are also suggesting that it will support native apps, running directly on Apple Watch.


This feature always reminds me of “The Big Bang Theory” a TV series, in which they have used Siri in some of the episodes & the interaction between “Raj”(one character of the show) & Siri was damn funny.


Now getting to the topic, will she going get any better from the previous predecessor. The new operating system certainly gave the AI genie boost so that it can manage Glances, HomeKit, & Maps. If Siri gets internet connectivity & processor improvement, it will be much more useful on iPhone because It’s always right there on your hand & you can use it just by saying, “hey Siri”.


Another disappointed thing about the Apple Watch I is that It uses iPhone GPS rather than built in GPS. So if you have gone for a run then you will need your iPhone for track accurately. The latest are saying that they likely include new Wi-Fi chip instead of GPS.



The idea of video conferencing from your wrist is so futuristic & damn cool. That would be possible with FaceTime. If Apple will provide this feature, it will be tomorrow’s world, today.



According to a survey, waterproofing to a watch was found to be second most wanted the attribute of next watch. Apple Watch does come with some water resistance that’s IPX7 rates which mean you should be fine if you’re out with your Apple Watch in the rain.


The Apple watch is clearly an innovative product of the future. If you have it on your wrist, you might be able to control the lights in your house. Your watch senses that you are too cold & send a message to your thermostat to warm up the room in the time of returning or you’re coming from a bike/car ride, & your watch sends a message to turn on the lights of house & open the garage.


Apple Watch-I interface was very complicated & user-friendly. So with Apple Watch 2 we would like to see a simpler user interface because nobody like to puzzle over a device.

Release date

The latest rumors around Apple Watch II are that it will be launched on march alongside the iPhone 6C & iPad Air 3. Another report suggests that it will launch late in June 2016.


Price is always a big concern for Apple products. This is probably a long shot but we want Apple Watch II to be cheaper. Rival companies tend to price under $ 200 to $ 299. But if you want the stainless steel model you’re looking at an even bigger hole in your wallet.

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