Buying Guides: List of Best Drones for Sale 2016

best drones for sale 2016
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Drone industry is thriving than ever; getting the best drone is never easy! If you are looking to buy your first drone then don’t miss out.

There are too many things to look into for a drone buyer now. If you are looking to buy a drone now, may be you will require some external guidance. With lot of drone manufacturers, it’s going to be hard to figure out the best and with so many opinions you will literally get confused too. In addition to that the FAA rules.

A person who wants to own a drone will have some reason or need with that. I don’t want to get into your head claiming this is the best. Instead DIY from the list which I have figured out by looking at the expert opinions. I am pretty sure that you will find the best ready to fly drones for yourself.

From the list of drones or ready to fly multirotor which I have covered, consider the one which suits your need. It’s not always about the drone review which you see online. All drones for sale have something in different to another; we have to pick based on quality, features, value and ease of use.

Before we start, I have a question connected with the recent events. Do you have the opinion that drone industry are on a low, with the interference of FAA? Add your opinion into the comments section.

On December 21, 2015 – FAA brought the drone rules into effect to put some restriction over drone usage and to control drone hobbyists. This didn’t impact adversely on the already booming drone industry, but it’s true that the key player of drone industry is going to be FAA from here on, hardware manufacturers just have to watch out for the next move of FAA.

Let’s get started with the best quadcopter or drones for sale

#1 DJI Phantom 3:

best drones for sale - DJI phantom

Phantom 3 is one of the best drones for sale, it’s doing really well in market. DJI have always produced the best, Phantom 2 was exceptional too. Check out the features of Phantom 3

Live HD video streaming to your tablet or mobile device

4K Video & 12 Megapixel photos

Uses really powerful Mobile application

Fast battery charging

Advanced Vision for indoor flight

Flies up to 20 minutes with a single charge

Flight simulator app available for learning to fly drone.

Currently priced at $1259. It covers almost all feature of the DJI Inspire, really adds value for money.

It comes with 3 different models.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional that comes with follow me, GPS, optical flow, point of interest, ultrasonic sensors, 4K video recording, 20 minute of flight time, etc.

Next is Phantom 3 Advanced; it adds on value to the Phantom 3 Professional, the difference is instead of 4K recording, this uses 1080p.

Third model is Phantom 3 Standard, this is the cheapest of all priced at 700$. It doesn’t have optical flow and ultrasonic sensors. But still manages follow me, GPS waypoints and so on. Standard model shoots 2.7K video.

For beginner, I always believe a lighter drone will do better; so that they could learn how to fly. Phantom 1 & 2 is slightly on the heavier side but with Phantom 3 they have sorted out that aspect with better flight characteristics and flight simulator.

Another positive factor about DJI products is about the amount of help which you are going to get. I am not talking about the customer support here. You will see lot of YouTube videos, websites and people talking about Phantom 3. For any queries, someone will be there to help you out.

#2 DJI Inspire 1

best drones for sale - DJI Inspire

It has got such a cool design, just by seeing you will think of getting one for yourself. A professional ready to fly drone that you can go with, one of the most advanced quadcopters. When it comes to features, there is nothing left out of Phantom 3 professional. It has got a higher quality design than Phantom 3 professional.

It is bigger and faster than Phantom, comes with a 4K camera that allows 360 degree panning. Inspire 1 have two variants;

If you want a high quality camera for shooting professional quality videos then Inspire 1 Pro suits you the most. It have micro 4K camera, interchangeable lenses and a sensor which is 8 times larger than standard version of this camera.

If you want even higher end solution then another option is Inspire 1 Raw that features a 500 GB SSD and 4K video raw recording functionalities. The cost of Inspire 1 is on the higher side; $2900, so if you have plans of surprising your kid with Inspire drone better think twice. It’s mainly intended for professionals who want amazing tools for photography, videography, 3D mapping, etc.

It’ hard to cover the complete features of Inspire 1 in one article. I hope you have got some insights.


#3 3DR Solo

Best drones for sale - 3DR Solo

3D Robotics another renowned drone manufacturer came up with Solo. Features are almost similar to Phantom 3 but it doesn’t come up with built-in camera instead uses GoPro Hero camera. This gives you an option to separate camera from the drone. The major difference between Solo and other easy to fly quadcopter’s is the upgradability factor and ease of use.

Solo is priced at $999 but this doesn’t include the GoPro camera and gimbal.  For the complete package, it costs around $1900. This is not a bad option if you can afford it, just see through the qualities of Solo, whether you like it or not.

#4 Parrot Bebop

drones for sale - Parrot Bebop

Parrot Bebop – One of the most technologically advanced drones for sale.  CES 2016 attraction – first winged drone is just another feather in their crown. The AR drones have got smaller, faster and expensive.

Parrot Bebop can be controlled by your iPhone or Android device. Another attraction is optional sky controller that allows real joystick controls. The extended range, HDMI output and many more such features makes it really special out of the mix.

The Bebop has improved significantly from the previous versions of AR Drone.  The 14 Mega pixel camera with 180 degree field view of fisheye lens is an interesting combo. The wider view of lens, faster processor makes the Bebop to capture high quality video and send the live video to your phone. The recorded 1080p video is stored on the 8GB on board memory.

Bebop is priced at $499. But you might need a smartphone to fly it then; the problem with that is you won’t have precise control over the device. The next option in front of you is the optional Sky controller, which costs another $400. Literally, you have to spend $899. See the review of The Verge for additional information.

#5 Yuneec Q500 4K

Best drones for sale - Yuneec q500 4K

Yuneec is an unknown company for most when compared to DJI and 3D Robotics. It shoots 4K video like Solo and Phantom 3. You will get two batteries and a hand mount that allows to take camera out of the quadcopter. It is priced at $1300, but for this price actually it provides lot of great features. You will not find lot of reviews and videos on Yuneec. And it’s also true that to get third party accessories, you will find it hard; but this shouldn’t stop you from getting it considering the options.

The most interesting part of Q500 4K is that it comes with an android device as a built in controller. So, there is no need for a separate tablet or smartphone.

Which is your favourite! Share with us.. 


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