Drone Hobbyists Might End Up in Jail; Check the FAA Rules

faa rules - drone registration

Got your own drone this holiday season; started partying with your group of friends!

The first thing you wish to do after owning a drone is take it to air; but the last thing your parents want to hear after this act is, you are in jail!!

FAA rules could take you to prison

There are few things you have to be aware of, before you fly your drone into air.

In 2015 we have seen glimpses, how future technology is going to be? Drones for future! Recent events in US proves drones will stay in the main frame for the next couple of years at least.

Drones are not just a military property or a property for professional videographer anymore. It’s everywhere, drones are used as a gift to make surprises. And debates are going on how to control the growing presence of drones in US.

The recent developments is fascinating; the Federal Aviation Administration has decided to take control over hobbyists and drone companies. A registration system is set up for all flying toys; so if you are gifted with a quadcopter this holiday season; better get it registered to stay out of trouble.

FAA drone registration

This new registration system is going to affect millions of drone users. But whether FAA can make such restrictions is still questionable; and the court have to decide on that. Various sources are reporting in two days around 45000 drones got registered. FAA have also introduced an updated Temporary flight restriction around Washington, DC (30 mile radius); this will keep Washington away from using drones.

The Laws: Before taking your drones up to sky

It was evident that drone rules were about to take off; but guessing element was from when? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have introduced the rules for drones in the US by the end of this December. And the FAA rules look tough.

From now on drone owners will require to register their device into FAA’s drone data base, before flying .55 to 55 pound device to air; this applies to both private and commercial users. Those who stay stiff to the law will have to deal with stiff penalties ranging from $27,500 to $250,000; or may be some jail time.

FAA have also listed set of drones that doesn’t require any registration. But other drone owners have got a time limit to register their drone (February 19, 2016). Some drone companies are on favor by loosening up the regulations, they sense hope of being able to draw more people into drones in the coming years. They expect more delivery with regulated drones.

Drone debate is not going to end soon. The stringent rules put forth by FAA might sound unconvincing or inconvenient for some of you; in a word you might call “overkill”. But to know the value, you have to check the reports throughout the evolution of drones. I would say, lot went unchecked too, risk with public safety, suspects invading the privacy of others; there are many such cases you have to take into consideration.

The new FAA rules are still just a shadow; it’s not going to solve any of the biggest worries. But the new rules can at least make the drone owners accountable for their actions. The reckless usage of drones might probably decrease as well.

Debate has also opened up the worries of drone owners. The biggest point raised after the new registration system is the privacy of drone operators. Forbes have reported recently, when you register the drones; the names and home address by default will be available for public. Privacy advocates have that for an argument. But even if these worries are there, most of the drone users won’t mind paying $5 registration fee in order to avoid penalties.

Rise of drones

From the beginning of 2015, there were concerns about how drones will shape up especially when it comes to privacy. Celebrities and high profile individuals were already having tough times with social media, their privacy was always under scanner. And with drones things can get only worse. The concerns only got increased when some drone users thought of invading near airports with their flyers.

And there are these hobbyists, photographers roaming around with flyers, they are not a potential threat but it’s not predictable as well. With recent terrorist events that hit Paris; the usage of drones again came under the radar.

The frequency of incidents just made the process even faster, FAA have to enact if they see any potential danger with people invading airports and nearby places. Of course safety is the primary concern, we need to sacrifice some pleasure, if it’s for safety.

The drone news only got crazier with people trying to explore by shooting from the sky. You have to remember drones can play a role of amateur spying device as well. People can easily peek into neighbor’s life with ease. All of these added an extra bit of tension.

In November, there was a drone-related news, a child named Oscar from UK have lost his eye due to drone. The incident happened when the drone owner lost control over the device and hit a tree before hitting the child in his eye. So these raises the concerns of accident. You don’t want others to get affected with your action.

The rules are set due to the growing presence or rise of drones; an act to control the over usage. These are purely reactionary, we have to support innovation but by doing so we should never pave way for evil to spread.

Share your opinion on FAA rules & regulations in the comments section.



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    January 15, 2016 at 7:19 am

    They are trying to controll what is uncontrolled air space as you will never fly your rc multi rotor helicopter above the 1200 foot limit on the class g air space. And a drone is not what everyone is flying they are miss classifying the craft a drone can preform task and jobs on its own but they do have manned radio controll option but is not required for a drone.

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