Christmas Gift Ideas[Gadgets] for Teens: The Best 10


Christmas is around and teens have started talking about the gifts. Smartphones, portable media player and even gaming devices they have used it all.

Choosing the right choice of Christmas gift can be a tough call. What is trendy in the gadget section might help to take the right decision.

Whether your teen is selfie-obsessed, a phone addict, a music lover, computer geek or fascinated with robots, there is always something out there for everyone. We in Tune Mondo has some terrific idea for teens.

Read on for our gadget gift ideas. We are sure your teen will love these. And if you have anything better do not forget to write on the comment box.

  1. Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens System:

chritsmas gift ideas gadget 1For your photography obsessed teen, the iPhone alone is not sufficient. With Olloclip 4-in-1 lens, your teen can excel in his photos. It comes with a wide angle lens, fisheye lens, and two macro lenses. The design is compact and you will be carrying only a small accessory which can easily fit in your pocket.

Olloclip slides onto the iPhone, it comes off without any hustle and the lenses are attached securely. It is fun to take photos with Olloclip. If you can`t beat your teen, then help them.

Olloclip 4-in-1 is available for iPhone 6/6 Plus for $79.99. It’s also available for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4s for $69.99.

  1. Nikon COOLPIX S32

chritsmas gift ideas gadget 2Yet another photography gadget for them who want more robust options. Nikon COOLPIX S32 is a 13-megapixel digital camera. Designed for being manhandled: waterproof down to 10 meters, dustproof, and shockproof.

This is a complete camera for teens. You can easily switch between capturing photos to recording videos as there is one button for each function. This camera is efficient for taking a picture even in low lights.

Plus enhancing picture is fun with S32. Play with effects like neon sign and cartoon put a frame around your picture or select a new background.

Overall Nikon COOLPIX S32 is the best alternative for those who wants a complete camera instead of a phone.

  1. Berlin Boombox Speaker

christmas gift ideas gadget 3

For your Music lover teen Berlin Boombox, Speaker is fun to have. Retro styled modern ghettoblaster is for those who want to a little show-off. Amazing colors, astounding music Berlin Boombox has all you want with a change.

Plus the design is also eco-friendly. The body is made of recycled cardboard and flat shipping. This means less garbage of wastes, lightweight, and flat packaging means less energy and more efficiency.

The company also supports the replacement of parts. They also offer free Mixtapes for downloading. Snag the Berlin Boombox Speaker and be the cool kid in the block.

  1. Hello Kitty Headphone By beats

christmas gift ideas gift gadget 4

Hello kitty is the headphone teen`s heart set on. It has taken over most popular headphone by beats. Engineered for comfort, gives a custom fitted pleasure. The ear cups are naturally fit for your ears.

The hello kitty has more intended emotional sound clarity. Offers dynamic, the wide range of sound clarity that brings closer to the music. Regardless of what kind of music you want to hear, you`ll feel the higher fidelity sound in your kitty. Meow.

If your kid is die hard music lover than nothing can be best than Hello Kitty.

  1. Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

christmas gift ideas gadget 5

I know your teens will hate this one. Who wants to read more!

But Kindle Reader is different. As more and more books are publishing every day, it is hard to keep track of each one. Plus more books gets digitized today. Kindle offers the solution to scribbling around those heavy books. And if your kid loves spending time on computers and immerses himself in literature at that time too than Kindle is magnificent.

  1. Chumby

Well, I am putting this on the list because Chumby is something different. This electronic device is basically a box that integrate over 1000 widgets to instant streaming of news, weather, podcast, music, games and more via your Wi-Fi.

christmas gift ideas gadget 6

That’s the core part actually it can be a digital alarm clock also. The device is customizable by users. It was named as one of the top gadgets on 2008 by Wired.

This device could have been a fun if they kept updating till now. Since 2014, this service is relaunched as paid subscription service charging $3.00USD per month. They no longer manufacture the device but for them who already have Chumby it`s time to upgrade.

  1. Ringly: the Smart Ring

Your teen daughter might not like any of those mentions above (but I don`t think so), She might adore jewelry.

What about gifting her a ring, smart one which she can adore as well as keep her connected to the world.

chritsmas gift ideas gadget 7

Ringly has exactly the one you are looking for. A smart ring that notifies calls, messages, emails, apps or people that matters for you most.

Just download the Ringly App and connect with your ring. Now select most important notification you want to be alarmed. And choose from 4 vibration pattern and 5 light colors to customize your notification. You are done. Simple!

  1. Parrot Jumping Sumo

Our list is incomplete without this robot. The jumping Sumo by Parrot is a jumper that can jump up to 80 cm.  Not only Jump it can jump and roll more precisely than any other RC cars you have seen.

The Jumping Sumo has equipped with the wide-angle camera that streams live immersive screen on piloting screen. And omg! The parrot also gets angry when a problem comes (his eyes turns red).

FreeFlight 3 an App allows you to control the kicker from your smartphone or tablet. It connects via Wi-Fi. You can also choreograph moves for your jumping Sumo through a road plan.

  1. Gizmos and Gadgets Kit by littleBits

For your little Einstein who is more into innovation, littleBits presents Gizmos and Gadgets kit. The product lets you create, play, remix and spark imagination by building science, technology, and art and math skills.

This is regarded as the best tech gift for 2015 by Wall Street Journal. It`s more like a DIY kit that lets you create more than 12 inventions and 100 more online. You can create an SPINMATE, a RotoLamp, and others. Check littleBits website to read more on this.

  1. OzoBot 2.0 Bit

OzoBot Bit are tiny programmable robots that teach coding and robotics. This is different what your child will learn on school. It lets your child explore a different landscape of learning.

Start with color markers that take kids on a fun experience through creative drawing, problem-solving and group challenges by coloring code commands in the form of basic color combinations.

There is more creative stuff for young minds. I can`t list them all, read here.

So did you like our list? Share in the comment box what you are going to gift your young ones this Christmas.

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