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Times have changed and so do the ideologies. In the past few decades some serious thought evolution has happened; we are getting better and better in re-imagining things. We have been doing it for long, but the speed at which we are doing now is very unlike before.

Gadget lovers have lot on store now, every day new products are getting launched. Money is being pumped in for new innovations; many companies are campaigning projects by building prototypes. We have gone from expecting less to excessively more. Some of the concepts are exceptional and sounds crazy.

What I have got you today is a set of exceptionally craziest computer gadgets of 2016. I don’t know how to put it. Better you can watch the video to see how crazy it is!

I have also collected some more information to give you a deserving insight about these computer gadgets.


craziest computer gadgets

The idea is to triple or double your notebook size to increase productivity. SlideNjoy call it as “Laptobility”.

As you have seen in the video; the additional screens can turn upto 180°, so that people around the table could get the view on your laptop. This will definitely change the way you work.

Now you can exclude a projector, if you are setting up a meeting of fewer people to discuss business. Whether at work or home, you can enjoy the visibility with SlideNjoy. And no reason to be selfish.

SlideNjoy will fit to laptop of different sizes, it’s available for 13”, 15” and 17” laptops. SlideNjoy have two models for computer users; Model 1: one external screen, Model 2: two external screen. It’s extremely light, thin and robust. You can enjoy the full HD experience and also increase your productivity to a greater extent.

Zscan wireless scanner

craziest computer gadgets

Zscan Wireless is another cool computer gadget to increase your productivity. Imagine if you are able to back up your receipts, documents, photos and contracts instantly to your devices from anywhere; Zscan wireless scanner made this dream come true. It will easily make into the list of must have gadgets for anyone with a Macbook, iPad, tablet or laptop.

The simplicity of this wireless scanner makes it really special. In order to scan any page what you need to do is just swipe the page back and forth; that’s it. An additional plus is you can edit the scanned content in MS word and Excel right away.

Tag line – “What you see is what you scan”.

The coolest feature of Zscan is scanned information becomes searchable. And if the scanned information is in any foreign language, you can use translators to translate it as well. This productivity tool will increase the efficiency of your work. You don’t need to dig tons of paper anymore.


craziest computer gadgets

We are used to the traditional humble keyboards. The design and looks remains the same for past two decades, there are no major changes other than some refinements.

Keyboardio thought differently, they broke the conventional design and redesigned keyboards to make it more comfortable that made a world of difference I should say.

In the kickstarter page they have mentioned; “We spend our days at a keyboard; most of our nights to. The keyboard is how we practice our craft”.

Keyboardio brought hardwood maple base with the grain of wood around the keys of keyboard. The mixing of nature with plastic for keyboard is a novel idea, never thought before.

The keys on the keyboard of Model1 are similar to the original keys found in Apple II. They have not done anything unnatural with the QWERTY layout. So, the typing style will be the same and easy. You can position keyboard to the liking of your needs; lay it flat, raised on tripod, tented at angle. Little more customization is also possible with the keyboard, creators have also included LED lights for each key and the user can decide which color should light up for themselves.

Remix Mini The world’s first true Android PC


Remix Mini opens up the entire Android apps and at the same time allows you to have the PC features like taskbar, multiple windows with keyboard and mouse support.

The 64-bit chipset is expected to give 30% better performance comparing its 32-bit counterparts. Most importantly you never need to worry about whether you are actually installing the right bit version or not. It’s all easy with Android.

Another highlights is its energy friendliness. A typical desktop computer uses 65 to 250 watts whereas Remix mini could perform the same computing with just 10 watts of energy. Same performance with so much less power that really sounds good.

Mini also features a capacitive touch power button, which is very friendly unlike what you will see with traditional PC’s; you just need to tap on the top of Remix mini to switch on. In a matter of seconds you are in.

It is equipped with all the necessary features to stay connected; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB. The home media center version comes with 1GB RAM and 8 GB of storage; if you want little more productivity then you can go with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage space.

SwiftPoint GT

computer gadgets

Swiftpoint GT is not any normal mouse; its world’s first mouse that allows gestures so naturally with your finger and wrist actions. You don’t have to touch the screen to make it possible. You can improve the productivity in MS Word, excel and other applications by improving ergonomics.

You can easily grip the device and effortlessly work with it. A custom-designed carry case comes along, to house the device which is convenient to pack on your travel. The package also includes:

USB charger/receiver

Palm-rest mat to keep the device on laptop palm.

Magnetic parking spot to attach the Swiftpoint GT.

User guide.

What’s your pick from these computer gadgets? Drop your message or suggestions in the comments section.

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