Google’s Pixel C Android Tablet: An Ideal Choice or Not?

pixel c android tablet

On the month of September, Google surprised the market with Pixel C Android Tablet. Most of us expected another version of chrome OS laptop as the initial reports were telling the same story. But Pixel C Android tablet was announced as a competition to Surface, quite surprising I should say for a tablet.

The 10.2-inch Pixel C tablet with its optional keyboard (Bluetooth) looks appealing. It’s really unlike the Nexus series of tablets and finally Google shelfed a productive tablet; but the market success only time will tell.

Looking to invest?

If you are ready to invest about near to $500 for a 32GB model and also the addition of nearly $150 for a Bluetooth keyboard then there is no need to change your mind.

The initial reports are saying, it’s worth buying. But I am not sure, it’s a competition for Surface. We can definitely say, with the Bluetooth keyboard, it looks like a miniature laptop. And I would say, it directly competes with iPad Air 2.

Can we really consider Pixel C as a laptop replacement?

It makes sense with the Bluetooth keyboard attached though that directly depends on the personal needs. With that price, I couldn’t actually give it away as a laptop replacement. Because you could actually get a relatively good laptop and it’s far cheaper.

Available on

Pixel C android tablet is available in selected countries only for now. You can go to Google play store if you are in US, Canada, Ireland, Austria, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium Switzerland, Australia and Netherlands.

Comparing Pixel C with Surface and iPad!

You are definitely not alone, if you actually relate Pixel C with Surface or iPad Pro from Apple. The reason about this big comparisons is its first look itself; It’s impossible for you to actually not relate. But you can’t actually fit Pixel for Surface, because the latter is in and out a fully featured laptop, which has a detachable keyboard.

The comparison to iPad Pro in particular is very much alive as both Google and Apple have kind of a same story to tell; tablets with keyboard and a mobile operating system.

But still I will put both as different and it’s worth going for Pixel C, if you have made up your mind with other technicalities.

Now let’s look deeper into Pixel C! How well manufacturers compiled things?

Aluminum shell with brushed metal look, the first look definitely gives the impression of a high end machine. And with keyboard attached, the whole look defies into a micro laptop. The light strip and plastic nubs at top and bottom of keyboard, gives a feeling of pixel Chromebook.

It’s solidly built, weighs around half a kilo, to be more precise 1.1 pounds. You are not going to feel it heavy, but at the same time you can’t actually put it in the catechism of lightweight either with these metrics. And don’t forget the keyboard, it weighs another 399gms. But still it’s not a hefty combo. Am I right?

But what really makes it more special is the screen, Pixel brand is always known for that. And C is not an exception. And with tablets, it’s always about the screen, you leave the whole keyboard factor aside for a while. The first thing you’ll notice on switching your tablet is the screen. Pixel C have a 10-inch screen, screen resolution is about 2560×1800 and the contrast ratio of 1500:1.

C’s screen is one of the brightest which I have ever come across among tablets. The whole brightness will actually hurt your eyes I should say. I was kind of thinking the battery consumption but Google makes it clear that there is no issue with energy consumption, it’s well managed.

Aspect ratio of the screen is quite unusual, one to the square root of two. But it looks good when you are working with landscape mode, whether you are browsing or working on documents.

No surprises, C’s performance is highly rated. By no way you can call it as a slouch. With 3GB Ram and Nvidia Tegra K1, it’s a complete package, literally everything is in place. And the expectations from Google is not breached with Pixel C.

The type of port for charging remains the same; USB port, like any newly released Google devices. Google claims battery should last 10 hours; but we don’t have a clear statistics on that yet.

Pixel C is out with the latest version of Android; Marshmallow. It seems perfect with that.

149$ Keyboard:

The keyboard rate is on the higher side, you might expect a bit more with its functionalities, there is nothing wrong in that. Don’t complain the small keyboards, you have to get used to it, overall the keyboard is extremely useful; though it’s a bit shallower than I expected. And I didn’t feel there is much of a difference with Apple’s keyboard.

pixel c android tablet keyboard

The keys seems to be well managed for daily use. Most of the frequently used keys were kept at a regular size, which is good from Google.

What defines the keyboard of Pixel C is? How it attaches to the tablet. Surface uses a hinge to attach its keyboard. But here you just need to simply align the tablet with the keyboard, the two magnets will click together and it’s ready. Magnets are really strong enough. You don’t need to worry about tablet getting detached from the keyboard. May be you can give a smash to see whether it will get detached soon.

And there are no connectors, it connects over Bluetooth. The keyboard automatically charges from your tablet, when the devices are attached. No worries of charging it separately, which is also very novel.

Ideal choice or not?

Tablets are reviving with this tablet-keyboard combo packs. Now tablets make more sense and sounds appealing.

Can be a replacement for laptops? May be we should give some more time to answer that!

Pixel C can definitely serve you to increase your productivity The screen is perfect but really missing the split screen view in Android.

Right now the market of Pixel C doesn’t look all that great, but they may find a small space. Pixel Chromebooks with Pixel C tablet showcased a highly productive tablet. It looks perfect for people who are involved with real business. May be a price cut can be preferred to attract more.

How do you rate Google’s Pixel C Android tablet? Share your valuable views in the comments section.

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