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Travelling is awesome
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Travelling is real fun except when you are under tremendous stress or on the busiest day of your life. Here are some useful travel gadgets and tips to make your journey as colorful as a rainbow.

There’s quite a lot happening in travel tech these days. But every one of you may not be a big spender, you wouldn’t be going after a car conversion kit or an underwater RV; these are not practical choices for you anyway.

With countless releases of gadgets specifically targeted for travelers, it’s getting really hard to pick the best out of it. You can keep an eye on your home, pets, and kids while you are not out there by empowering your smartphone with applications or other handy gadgets. We have been figuring out the best picks, hopefully this will help you on your next travel destination.

1. Solar Back Packer

Holy shit!! Am out again!!

“Outdoor enthusiast screaming when he ran out of battery!!”

travel gadgets-solar power gopax pro back packer

If you are an outdoor enthusiast then solar power GoPax Pro backpack is an ideal choice for you to charge cameras, iPhones, tablets, GPS devices, and iPads. It’s better than wall socket charger, you can charge your devices on the go and its 10 percent faster.

2. Boompods Multipod Audio Splitter

A brilliant and simple audio splitter; plugin headphones to share music and videos up to 4 of your friends.

Lovers will love it for sure. Add it to your gadget list if you are honeymooning.

travel gadgets - mutlipod boom pods

You can connect it to smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, computer and so on to share your music.

Colors: Available in black, white, blue, green and orange.

3. TAG – The GPS Tracker

You TAG, We Track is the tag line of TAG.

travel gadgets - tag

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TAG is designed to stay connected with loved ones or valuable things. It helps working parent to ensure child is back from school safely, an avid traveler can keep track of luggage on a long trip, or a care giver who wants to keep track of elderly parents.

TAG gives you the freedom to look after anyone or anything you care about at any time. It utilizes the 3G GSPA technology to extend cellular network coverage across all the major cities in the world. It comes with an inbuilt roaming SIM card which gives the device ability to locate and track your beloved ones and things across international borders.

The free app available for IOS and Android devices allows TAG users to check the real-time location of the device from anywhere. The device can make use of the panic button on the device in an emergency situation, it notifies the exact location to recipients via the app or SMS.

Other impressive feature of TAG include “Fall Detection” monitor that alerts the caregivers about their aging parents, in case if they have fallen, through SMS or via app.

The easiness in carrying and handling this device puts TAG well above its competition. TAG is an easy pick in the list of insane travel gadgets.

4. Vapor Micro Filter Bottle

insane travel gadgets - microfilter

Bottled water –choice of travelers, but there is no need to be. You can use Vapur MicroFilter to remove 99% of waterborne bacteria and 99% of protozoa. These flexible water bottles are easy to pack, it just fits perfectly to your bag, and you also have the option to pick these bottles in various sizes and styles. So, you don’t need to depend on bottled water anymore, this is quite handy for travel enthusiasts.

5. Pop Up Lantern

travel gadgets - pop up lantern

An awesome little LED lamp made specifically for night watchers. It will be a real add on if you are heading for camping trips. Pop up Lantern by Sunnylife comes with three different settings; bright, dim and blinking. You just need to press the right switch to set up these modes, one at a time. It’s like a small Pandora box, which lighten your place when you open it.

By using the handle, the lantern could also stand when you are using the torch mode. Lamp which could easily find a space in your backpacker to lighten up the dark days of exploration.

6. Mmuss Wireless Bluetooth Music Eye Patch Velvet Eye Mask Headphone

travel gadgets - wireless bluetooth headphone

Frequent flyers will definitely like the whole idea behind this gadget. This gadget will take you to sleep mode on your long flights.

It’s like several birds in one shot!! You can enjoy your favorite music and at the same time could fall into a good dreamy sleep or answer call when you are taking rest at home. It helps to relax your eyes, when you get asleep and blocks light and other disturbances from distracting your mood.

Superior velvet materials and the foam inside makes it really comfortable. The highly elastic adjustable band allows better fitting as well.

It’s not just a blessing for travelers, it could offer tremendous help to patients who use drugs to fall asleep.

This can also be used to buy some introvert time for yourself, just wear these, no need to switch on your music but think freely.

7. iStabilizer Extendable Monopod – A selfie stick that can fit into your purse

travel gadgets - istabilizer

Love for selfies is increasing exponentially these days. There’s quite a lot of competition for selfie gadgets now. People have certainly said bye to awkward arms in selfie pictures. Here’s a selfie stick that will fit in your pocket or purse, best suited for travelers. This cute monopod can extend over three feet, allowing you to take great snaps. And bingo!! A perfect self-portrait.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite travel gadgets in the comments section.

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