5 Latest RC Toys that will Make Kids Jump Out of The Bed

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This is really, really, really cool! Want to hear it from your kids.

Surprise them with this insane RC toys.

RC toys ……..mmm. Never heard it before? So hear it now.

RC toys- Remote controlled or Radio controlled gadgets that you might have seen in Star Wars movies are controlled by remote or smartphones. Kids are going crazy for them.

Are they expensive? Yes and No both!

That depends on which one you are after.  The LA Ferrari Car can come for less than $30 while there are little expensive one too like HUBSAN X4 FPV QUADCOPTER($129).

Why my Kids will love RC toys?

Come on….! These gadgets are insanely famous these days. Your kids will adore it. They will die for it. Not convinced!

Look at your kid. That kid needs a break from those nerdy and eye straining games. They need some fun. And RC gadgets are too much of fun.

Are they only for Kids?

No, at least not in all cases.

Of course the cool looking and very reasonably priced cars are only for kids of all age. But modern and high nitro power cars that can touch 100mph speed definitely not for kids.

That`s definitely a big daddy game and may come into thousands. Plus the replacement of parts and up gradation can dig extra money.

Cut the Talk- let Rock.

Yes, I am on it.


First in my list and my personal favorite. This is the Droid you are looking for.

The latest creation from Sphero is adorably cute, totally controlled by a Smartphone or Tablet.  This robot rolling ball also can be controlled by your speech commands. Or you can set it to roam autonomously exploring your back yard (hopefully it will avoid road blocks).

Astomech droid and can`t create holographic images, can`t imagine. Right! Don`t worry it has been taken care in BB8. This Droid from future is programmed to create and view holographics.

What else! Can`t say how amazing is this with all this cute expression. You`ll love it. Watch him on action.

  1. MIP Robot

Who will not like a cute robot with a tray in hand! MiP got this.

MiP stands for Mobile inverted Pendulum. It`s ability to balance objects on a tray makes him more human. Seeing a robot standing on two wheels atop with a tray in hand is the real wonder.

Plus this droid is gesture enabled that means it will follow your hand movements. This marvel of WowWee can balance, drive and dance. Yes, it can balance your Beer can also Dad!

If you have iOS or Android Smartphone you can do even more. Draw paths for MiP or play your favorite songs and see watch Mip busting some Move. Switch him to a different mode and he will follow like a loyal buddy or if you are exhausted of all the command and signal switch him to auto he will roam like a boss around the room.

Mip is packed with exciting technology that will blow your mind.

  1. Underwater Manta Ray RC Toy

You might fancy swim along with Manta Ray underwater. Here is remote control manta ray that swim underwater while you snorkel nearby. The hydrodynamic body is made of small pours that displace air as it dives down. You can make it move forward, backward, make left and right turns, barrel rolls, or complete underwater loops–even intricate submerged Immelmann turns. 3 Led panels installed in the panel provides glow as it move long. Which makes it look like more natural.

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  1. Rover App controls wireless Spy Tank

For kids who fancy about spying and love games, bond movie Brookstone app controlled spy tank is a perfect gift. You can control this mini spy tank with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch devices or with Android smartphones and tablets. Rover is Night vision enabled. And built-in camera allows to stream and record videos. You can control the video camera angle remotely. The spy tank is equipped with wireless power and can move around remotely up to 200 ft.

A built-in 2-way microphone and speaker let you hear everything Rover 2.0 hears and lets you communicate your own reply.

Rover 2.0 is perfect suited for marine lifestyle kids. Just hover over your iPad and go out to explore, spy and transit your codes to your fellow marine.

  1. ­­­­­­­­­­­Sphero Darkside Ollie

Sphero Darkside is electrical beast. Controlled by a smartphone, it can spin, flip, jump and perform midair tricks. Just like a skateboarding game the smartphone rewards the players for mind blowing tricks.

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Performing tricks are as easy as swiping of thumb on a trackpad. It goes easy with the start but takes a while for final control. It can hit up to 14 mph at max and drive away 30m from the smartphone. This tiny Sphero`s devil can reach heights of 1.5m, still is tough to survive great falls and crashes.

This is the toy car replacement gadget, fun, robust and last for ages. A perfect gift for kids and gadget geeks.

These fancy toys are the best for kids. They are more exciting, entertaining and the latest breed of high-tech toys.

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