These Impressive Smartphone App, Only Smarter People will Adore

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“We invented the phone so that we don`t have to type anymore, But what we do is only typing with our smartphone.”

Is your smartphone has become only a typewriter? What else you can do with your smartphone.

A smartphone can be really smart, not a dumb typing machine.

I never knew how to make my phone a really smart machine till researching for this article. Forget about how connected you are because of the smartphone, it`s not about GPS tracker too.

Your smartphone is a tiny supercomputer, It can do pritty amazing things like launching it into space as a nanosatellite.

But that is really advanced project by NASA. You can also set up your smartphone for automating your lots of work.  Locate your missing car, lock and unlock your homes, watch your health and contact your relatives if you get into an accident, etc.

Probably you`ll do more with your smartphone than just typing and listening music after skimming through next lines.

1. Lockitron

The Lockitron lets you unlock or lock or your door with a touch on the smartphone.

“You can pay your coffee, turn off your light, control your TV and start your car with a smartphone- then why not unlocking the door?”

It`s a little wireless device that slips on deadbolt and can be controlled by your smartphone.

Not only Lockitron let you unlock the door it notifies whenever someone knocks on the door. The device uses Bluetooth low energy hence no worry of internet or power outage. You can share the access key with your family member and friends.

With a little customization, you can make the device sense your door locking and unlocking time. It will automatically open the door.


2. CarDroid

CarDroid is an automotive device made to ensure that you get help at the time of need. Nowadays a lot of accident happen in the road, if you cannot prevent these accidents, at least, we need to make sure that the proper help should reach at the right time.

That`s where CarDroid comes in. It makes your car smarter by introducing latest monitoring and safety technologies.


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Key function

  • EsNar- Emergency Situation Notification and Reconstruction. This performs two important function-
  • Car accident notification: In the case of a car accident CarDroid detects it and sends notifications to its emergency contacts and user account.
  • Car accident 3D Reconstruction: If there was a car accident and you need to check how exactly it happened, you can do that in your web account. When the car accident is detected, CarDroid records every movement of the car and visualizes it in your account with a 3D vehicle model.
  • Remote Car diagnostics- You can remotely read a vehicle trouble codes. This function helps to know when the car needs the attention of a mechanic.

There a lot more function. Read all of them here. App called UonMap will allow you to use all this feature on your smartphone. This App is available on iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

3. HUD: Screen for screen cancer on your Smartphone

HUD is a medical- grade lens that attaches to any smartphone camera, allowing you to take crystal clear images of the moles on your body.

This is accompanied by First Derm app that will teach you the skin cancer warning signs, remind you to track your spots over time and enable you to share your HÜD images with a dermatologist for evaluation.

HUD fits any device up to 3 inches of width. You can download the companion Derm App on Android and iOS smartphone.


4. Misfit: Shine: an elegant, wireless activity tracker

Misfit Shine is an elegant, simple and all-metal activity tracker. This smart tracker can track cycling, swimming in addition to just steps. To view whole day activity simply tap on the device. Just place it on your smartphone and it syncs all data even in Airplane mode.  The wearable is built to last lifetime and suits any fashion.

You can set you own goals, visualize data and get insights tailored to you on your smartphone. You can wear it with pants, bra, belt, shoes, and collar. For funkier look you can wear it as a wristband or wrap around your neck as a necklace.


5. KLIKR- Control everything from your Smartphone

“What if you could replace your home remote controls with your smartphone?” That`s why klikr.

KLIKR is a small Bluetooth enabled device that can be stuck right next to any infrared remote control product, making it almost instantly controllable from your android or iOS phone.


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Key features:

  • KLIKR mobile application allows you to control all your devices room by room from one application dashboard.
  • It allows you to pause in case you get a phone call while watching your favorite movie.
  • The app comes with voice control so that you can give commands directly to your smartphone.
  • If you want your family member or friends to use KLIKR then no need for them to set up it again. Simply share your setup with a QR code from your home screen.

How does it work? Simply stick it on a remote controlled product like TV.

So did you like this technology from future? I have picked some out of the box product and services. Most of these ideas are still prototype level. But we are expecting them to launch till March 2016.

Hopefully, this article would have changed the way you look at your smartphone.


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