Why Smartphones are not Convenient for Online Shopping?

Smartphones Convenient for Online shopping

Remember back when you were a kid? Your parent would buy things not the way you do today.

Your parents would have headed straight to a mall. Since 2011, we have seen a great disruption in our shopping techniques.

Today you start shopping from your couch. All you have to do is tap some key in your smartphone`s tiny keyboard.

Harvard Business School quoted, “Every 50 years or so retailing undergo such kind of disruption. The growth of big cities gave birth of departmental store. Then came the discount chains- Walmart, Kmart, and the like and soon after “category killers” such as Circuit city and Home Depot, all of them undermining or transforming the old- style.”

Today we are experiencing the digital shopping technology. The fact that digital shopping provides, countless channel to interact with customers- web sites, kiosks, direct mail and catalogs, social media, mobile devices, gaming consoles, televisions, networked appliances, and more.

Anyone who has shopped extensively can better explain that. The freedom of comparing the prices and products right from your home or at work, without visiting a crowdie mall. Plus product reviews and recommendations are enough to make anyone greedy.

That’s why we have seen a huge rise in digital buyers worldwide. And it is nowhere going to stop soon.

A survey amongst internet user forecast that the no. of digital buyers going to reach up to 1,321.4 million in 2016.

statistic_number-of-digital-buyers-worldwide-from-2011-to-2016- Smartphones Convenient for Online shopping


The digital sources influence customers in a variety of ways. Another survey revealed that 9% are influenced by the brand emails and it encouraged them to spend more. About 25% stated that product reviews had encouraged them to buy from brands that they never bought before.

Also, digital buyer’s activities and preferences helped us to determine which device they prefer during an online purchase.

A significant number of marketers disagree on the preference of smartphones over desktop while making a purchase through the internet.

And they are well supported by this survey.

As Internet Users buying online is expected to remain popular in future. Marketers are looking for more data on consumer behavior.

As people have grown accustomed on completing the task with their smartphone and smartphones screen have become large enough for comfortable browsing, more and more people are shopping on the go.

But, a data published in Monetate’s E-Commerce Quarterly claims that people still tend to fire up their laptops and desktop when shopping big ticket items.

According to Monetate`s findings, the average amount spent by online shoppers is significantly higher on desktop devices than it is on smartphones and tablets.
Infographic: Smartphones Convenient for Online shopping| Statista

According to another survey conducted by Harris Poll earlier this year US citizens are not sure that smartphones are going to be only payment method in coming years ( at least Apple, Google are super sure about that).

43 percent of adults in the U.S. think that smartphones will never replace cash for a majority of payments and another 13 percent don’t see it happening within the next 10 years.

As you see there is growing disbelief for the smartphone being the only medium of online purchase. But we have to admit the trend is imploding day by day and more significantly in Asian countries like India and china.

Why people prefer Online shopping on Computer over Smartphone?

ChannelAdvisor reports from Black Friday to Cyber Monday this year, nearly half of the retail traffic came from smartphones, about double from the year before, but smartphones accounted for just 40% of the total purchases. Whereas Desktops accounted 60% of sales while accounting less traffic than phones.

How bad can be that?

Just 20 percent of US shoppers using smartphones tend to complete a purchase after placing an item in their virtual shopping cart, according to Visa. That figure is about 60 percent on desktops and 40 percent on tablets.


This survey conducted on Americans illustrates that well


 Smartphones Convenient for Online shopping

The main reason seems  to be the size of product images. The adults say  they can`t get product image large enough. When it comes to buying things people prefer to have a real experience.

If they can`t go to stores then, at least, images should be good enough.

Additionally, in smartphones customers complain of product description less and not sufficient. It makes hard to compare items.

When it comes to online payment people also worry about security concerns- about giving credit card information and all.

Another theory is that entering payment information in smartphones is troublesome and stressful.

Whatever theory is! This is a fact that as people tend to use the smartphone for comparing prices and product, they less likely  to complete the process.

On the contrary, Amazon and eBay like eCommerce giant seem to be having the advantage over traditional retailers. Their mobile based App are comparatively simple and bringing more sale.

No doubt the eCommerce future is with mobile friendly sites and marketers have to find ways to improve customers experience.

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