Surprise Your Kid By Gifting The Best Laptop

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Looking to surprise your teenage son or daughter with a laptop? It’s not that easy, may be your kid will be having a better idea of laptops than you. Literally, you cannot surprise them if you couldn’t get the best.

What’s the deal? We can directly ask them, which one is your favorite? Not really, you are not surprising then.

Just think for a moment! Your son or daughter, startled and looks at you with glittering eyes after having the first view of your gift. That’s something special. Don’t you think so?

The Best laptop!!! – Don’t conclude the best laptops are always costly.

Yes, it’s true for big money we will get the best ones. But the best doesn’t mean you have to invest big every time.

Two B Factors:

Budget – Everyone have a budget plan in mind, it’s hard to stay out of it.

Behavior – Can’t really predict how teenagers are going to behave, they have the habit of handling things roughly. Investing for a long term plan is not a great idea. The trends change and so do their minds. We cannot have control over it.

It’s important to play smart but at the same time you don’t want to disappoint your kid.

Unless are an IT expert or a guy who really loves laptops; what factors have to be checked before you choose the laptop can be confusing. Because things have changed a lot from your times, trends are changing so fast. Every day something new pops up. Remember Steve jobs words Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything”.

Laptops are not laptops anymore; they are Netbooks, Chromebooks, Tablet and so on. All are attracting teenagers; Microsoft’s latest find Microsoft Surface book serves the purpose of laptop and tablet. More choices will make you even think harder but you can’t miss the date you want to surprise your kid.

I was researching for the past couple of days to help the parents pick from the best of the best as per requirements. Hopefully, you will find these best laptop for teens I believe.

Why you need to pay an extra amount for Microsoft Windows operating system. If the purpose of your kid is just browsing internet, accessing social media accounts and so on. You can go for Google’s Chrome OS then, the devices using these OS are known as Chromebooks. Big brands have took this novel idea and built several models already.

Samsung Chromebook 2 and Toshiba Chromebook 2 are actually doing well with their Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook 2

best laptop for teens

The whole idea of Chromebook is storing files in the cloud; so your kid doesn’t need to worry about data loss anymore. Everything is in cloud. Samsung Chromebook 2 comes with a sleek design and is light weighted as well.

Booting time is just 10 secs and it wakes in 1 sec, that’s so special about this Chromebook 2. It comes with 802.11ac* Wifi, which is three times faster than 802.11. Streaming HD movies is so easy and perfect to multitask. And with 9 hours of battery life, your kid will love it.


Processor Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz Processor
Storage 16 GB Solid-State Drive (SSD); No CD or DVD drive
Screen 11.6 inches 1366 x 768 pixels LED-lit Screen
Operating system Chrome Operating System


The success of Chromebooks really shook the market of Microsoft’s budget friendly laptops, the Netbook series. And the think tanker partnered with HP to promote a new HP line, known as Stream.

HP Stream 11

best laptop for teens

HP Stream 11 is a Netbook and certainly an affordable option for your teen son/daughter unless they are not a gamer or a real techie. It’s perfect if they just want to use their laptop for browsing, sending email, listening to music, chatting, watching movies, accessing Facebook and other social media accounts.

And like I said most teenagers use their stuff really hard, it will be a mistake if you get them a higher end option. Considering the fact that HP Stream 11 is the most successful netbook, I don’t think, we need to think any differently. But once again remember the needs.

Costing: 199$


Processor Intel Celeron N3050 1.6 GHz Processor
Operating system Windows 10 with pre-loaded Office 365 Personal subscription for one year
Storage 32 GB Solid-State Drive, No Optical Drive
Screen 11.6-Inch 1366×768 pixel LED-lit Screen


It is estimated that average battery life of HP Stream 11 is 8.15 hours; which is really an advantage.

Personally, I would prefer a 13 inch laptop over these two kinds. There are many 13 inch laptops, again a hard pick. On my research, I got a big list as well, scrutinized it and picked this one.

Asus Zenbook UX305

Asus - best laptop for teens

It’s the best Macbook alternative on store; you will get value for money. The quality of the build, battery life and display are unparalleled. But not that great for teenage gamers, I would say.

Asus Zenbook is a beauty beast, it’s just 12.33mm thick and have three USB 3.0 ports. Battery life is over 10 hours.


Processor Intel Core M-5Y10 Processor (4M Cache, up to 2.00 GHz)
Operating system Windows 8.1; Free upgrade to Windows 10 avail
Storage 256GB SSD
Screen 13.3-Inch Full-HD IPS Anti-Glare Matte Display


Cost: 699$

You could see lot of choices from every brand; But brand Apple do have more value among teens. You get a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air for your teenage son/daughter, they’ll be the envy for their friends. But it’s an exception in this list, the cost is higher. You know it’s hard to find an Apple product for cheaper price.

MacBook Air

macbook air - best laptop for teens

MacBook Air falls in the high end laptop territory; I don’t usually suggest expensive laptops for teenagers. But some people can still afford it. We know with Apple series, quality is always assured. MacBook Air is a perfect choice to surprise your kid. And your teenage kid don’t need to strain the growing spine; it’s really thin.


Processor 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor
Storage 64 GB Solid State Drive
Display 11.6-inch LED Display
Camera 720p FaceTime HD Camera


Cost: 849$

Consider these factors to find the best laptop for teens.

Of course you will be having some idea about the taste of your children; like color, interests, etc.

The age of your kid matters. Thirteen year old and nineteen year old will be having entirely different mindset and interests. If your kid is fonder of gaming then probably the best you can give him/her is a laptop which can handle colorful streaming graphic; Preferably a laptop with graphics card. If your child is more serious in studies then a lightweight laptop with good battery backup will do.

Mostly people prefer lightweight laptops, as it is much more convenient for travel. And teens in particular will look to play more sophisticated games and use complex software’s. It’s important to meet these needs. When you are bang on the needs, you will be able to pick the best laptop for teens.

May be you can get to know your child’s mind too before you gift them with a laptop. Not by asking; Kid which laptop brand would you like to have? You can explore their web (brain) by talking about things related to it. Something like a friend of yours bought this brand. Your kid might come up with a valuable comment or his/her own interests at this moment. Or you can initiate it by asking suggestions.

You have to be clear on your thoughts before deciding to shop a laptop. Or else it is going to be a real confusing deal. As I said, exploring the web of your child is crucial, ultimately that will make the bigger surprise.

Want to add something into this list of best laptop for teens, share it in the comments section.

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